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A&P Spanish Bar


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Nostalgia comes packed in a sweet treat — A&P Spanish Bar. This copycat of a Jane Parker classic has all of the flavors of the original 20th-century snack. A mildly spiced raisin studded cake is layered with a thick cream cheese frosting. Whether it’s morning, noon, or night, you’ll find a way (or excuse) to eat a slice.


A&P was one of the companies that radically changed the way people shopped for food. Step into an A&P, and you were likely to find vegetables, meats, baked goods, and tea all in one store and all self-serve. When A&P opened in 1859, going to the grocer was an interactive process, where you had to ask the shopkeeper for specific items to be weighed and packaged. A&P changed the game by prepackaging everything, so the customer took and item and put it in their cart. By the 1930s, it was the largest chain grocery store in the nation, offering low prices that local grocers simply couldn’t compete with, especially during the Great Depression. Their trick was hiring few employees and having in-store brands, making prices cheaper — if you wanted coffee, you’d buy Eight o’clock, if you wanted a sweet treat, you’d buy Anne Paige or Jane Parker treats. This became a problem for the company by the mid-century, especially with the uptick of commercial and publicly advertised products led to people demanding well-known national brands. By the 1970s, the A&P model of few employees and store-brand inventory would eventually lead to an outdated business, and by 2015, it’d close its final stores’ doors.

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